Plot of Earth

Today’s daily post prompt is : You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?- This is a total no brainer!! I would build myself a fully equipped and completely loaded Photography Studio. I love taking and making pictures and would love to be able to increase my clientele and photographing season by having my own professional studio. To be able to say that I am a full time photographer with my own studio is an absolute dream, one that I hope to be fulfilled in the near-distant future. 



Nightmares- Post topic for 2-19-13

When I was a child there were a few dreams that I would have quite regularly. One was about a building, like a mall, and being in a place that I did not how to get of. Another one was being in a lane, behind my great grandmothers-Alma Bell, who lived in Greenwood. The lane was between her fence in the backyard and the yard across from it. I would be ion this lane and was able to raise my arms like superman and fly into the sky. The dream, or shall I say nightmare, that haunted and taunted me the most however  was one where I was in a multistory building, like a highrise. I was running, hiding, crouching- all to get away from what was looking in the windows for me. And it seemed like whichever window I went to, he was there. Who was there? Ready for this…. A Godzilla like creature. Don’t ask me, I guess our minds play really bad tricks on us. I would sure like to look up the meanings to the dreams, one day…maybe- maybe not!