My week Project

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” title=”My week Project”>My week Project

going to do this as my project for next week. Picture of completed project will be up by next Saturday 🙂


This week in review :)

Wow, it has been crazy! Trying to get ready for Solo and Ensemble for my son’s High School Band. Had to cook cookies for the kids and fill their treat bags then place them today. I love those kids 🙂  School is just downright hectic for me; Earth Science, Adolescent Development, and Speech…too fun 🙂 Trying to get caught back up on my photo challenges..not going to happen so just starting fresh with February.  Greatest event of the week….participating in a seminar and winning a seat in another. Super Stoked to see how my photography grows with the information that I learn. Thanks so much to for such an awesome opportunity.

SO for my photo prompt today…CY365…Words, A Sentiment. There are few words as precious to me as these. This is a photo of my wedding announcement.004

Capture your 365 and Project Life 365 Photos

These are photographs that I took to fulfill some photo prompts for these two daily challenges.

1. This one is labeled TEMPTATION, yes I LOVE Starbucks Peppermint Mocha!!!!PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 275

2. Minimalism PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 282

3. Bright- what a beautiful sky it was that cold winter day.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 273


5. Doorway PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 266

6. Hands- this is Father, Son, and Grandson 🙂 001

7. Faceless Portrait- this was a piece of Art I found at Hobby Lobby, that I really like.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 005

8. FORGOTTEN- the old STATE Theater in downtown Anderson.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 265

9. FAUX- what pretty, yet artificial flowers 🙂PHOTO PROMPT PICS 001

Magazine Entry

I learned of a wonderful magazine and website for Photographers called Chic Critique. They are hosting a Magazine Cover Photo Entry contest and I am going to enter. There are so many really good photographers out there and I can only hope that they will consider my entry for at least a nomination  I really am excited about the opportunities for growth I have this year facing my photography, and hopefully this will be be another opportunity for me.This site is very cool and has a wealth of information for photographers. check it out  at:

Blessings and best wishes-

Nanatays 🙂

Chic Critique Cover Entry

I am welcoming myself back!!!

SO its been tooo long… But I am back. As I complete 2 daily photo challenges this year. I am going to start blogging them daily. One is Project Life 365 and the other is Capture your 365. I really am hoping to grow in my creativity in writing and photography through this project!