Yep, that’s the word for today. Today I took the 2nd attempt at a basic skills math test and failed.  Math and I are not friends, never have been. I was labeled, as a child, with a slight learning disability in math. I don’t know if I took that and ran with it but I never went past Algebra in High school. And then because I felt so inadequate I never went on for SAT’s or college. That was until 2007. I have been working on trying to obtain my degrees for almost 10 years now! I know God’s plan is for me to work with children and I love to teach so yes I feel as though God’s plan for me is to be a teacher. I don’t doubt it at all because I know what He has brought me through this far. However, it’s times and events like this that just really knock me down. And boy does the enemy love to jump on me when me when I am down! I can’t wait to be back in the classroom leading the Little’s and even though technically I am about 1 year away from graduation  these tests feel like major mountains that I can’t scale.


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