Capture your 365 and Project Life 365 Photos

These are photographs that I took to fulfill some photo prompts for these two daily challenges.

1. This one is labeled TEMPTATION, yes I LOVE Starbucks Peppermint Mocha!!!!PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 275

2. Minimalism PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 282

3. Bright- what a beautiful sky it was that cold winter day.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 273


5. Doorway PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 266

6. Hands- this is Father, Son, and Grandson 🙂 001

7. Faceless Portrait- this was a piece of Art I found at Hobby Lobby, that I really like.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 005

8. FORGOTTEN- the old STATE Theater in downtown Anderson.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 265

9. FAUX- what pretty, yet artificial flowers 🙂PHOTO PROMPT PICS 001


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