B+- Daily writing prompt for 2-23-13

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.—The title of the new release was A DAY WITH NANA. It was special. It was full of laughter, fun, and love. It started out slow and melodic as I drove my grandson 45 minutes for a haircut. YES, I said 45 minute drive for a haircut, but when you know something is just down right that good you go with it. There was a nice steady beat through the haircut. The tempo increased a little through lunch. But then the sick, heavy bass came in with a rocking, thunderous beat as we had to shop for groceries. At times the drum beats were so loud I thought I was going to have to quit before finished, but it finally mellowed enough and then the peaceful,  serene tempo came back through the drive as the drummer slept through the drive home. 


Overall I would give this cut an A, because after all, how could a day with Nana get anything lower.


Plot of Earth

Today’s daily post prompt is : You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?- This is a total no brainer!! I would build myself a fully equipped and completely loaded Photography Studio. I love taking and making pictures and would love to be able to increase my clientele and photographing season by having my own professional studio. To be able to say that I am a full time photographer with my own studio is an absolute dream, one that I hope to be fulfilled in the near-distant future. 


Nightmares- Post topic for 2-19-13

When I was a child there were a few dreams that I would have quite regularly. One was about a building, like a mall, and being in a place that I did not how to get of. Another one was being in a lane, behind my great grandmothers-Alma Bell, who lived in Greenwood. The lane was between her fence in the backyard and the yard across from it. I would be ion this lane and was able to raise my arms like superman and fly into the sky. The dream, or shall I say nightmare, that haunted and taunted me the most however  was one where I was in a multistory building, like a highrise. I was running, hiding, crouching- all to get away from what was looking in the windows for me. And it seemed like whichever window I went to, he was there. Who was there? Ready for this…. A Godzilla like creature. Don’t ask me, I guess our minds play really bad tricks on us. I would sure like to look up the meanings to the dreams, one day…maybe- maybe not!

This week in review :)

Wow, it has been crazy! Trying to get ready for Solo and Ensemble for my son’s High School Band. Had to cook cookies for the kids and fill their treat bags then place them today. I love those kids 🙂  School is just downright hectic for me; Earth Science, Adolescent Development, and Speech…too fun 🙂 Trying to get caught back up on my photo challenges..not going to happen so just starting fresh with February.  Greatest event of the week….participating in a seminar and winning a seat in another. Super Stoked to see how my photography grows with the information that I learn. Thanks so much to LoveThatShot.com for such an awesome opportunity.

SO for my photo prompt today…CY365…Words, A Sentiment. There are few words as precious to me as these. This is a photo of my wedding announcement.004

Capture your 365 and Project Life 365 Photos

These are photographs that I took to fulfill some photo prompts for these two daily challenges.

1. This one is labeled TEMPTATION, yes I LOVE Starbucks Peppermint Mocha!!!!PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 275

2. Minimalism PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 282

3. Bright- what a beautiful sky it was that cold winter day.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 273


5. Doorway PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 266

6. Hands- this is Father, Son, and Grandson 🙂 001

7. Faceless Portrait- this was a piece of Art I found at Hobby Lobby, that I really like.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 005

8. FORGOTTEN- the old STATE Theater in downtown Anderson.PHOTO PROMPT PICS 2 265

9. FAUX- what pretty, yet artificial flowers 🙂PHOTO PROMPT PICS 001